I Am Never Invisible To You

Scripture: “‘·You must obey God’s law about [L If you turn your foot away from…; C avoiding Sabbath journeys] the Sabbath and not do what pleases yourselves on that holy day.  ·You should [L …and if you…] call the Sabbath a ·joyful day[delight] and honor it as the Lord’s holy day.  ·You should [L …and if you…] honor it by not ·doing whatever you please [L going your own way] nor saying ·whatever you please [idle words] on that day.  ·Then [L …then] you will find ·joy [delight] in the Lordand I will ·carry you to [or cause you to ride on] the high places above the earth.  I will ·let you eat the crops of the land [L feed you with the inheritance] of your ancestor Jacob.’  The ·Lord has said these things [L mouth of the Lord has spoken].”  Isaiah 58:13-14 (EXB)

Observation: Sabbath (desist from exertion, cease, celebrate); what pleases yourselves (desirable things); call (proclaim, cry, name); the Sabbath (day of rest of heart); honor (abounding, distinguished, make it glorious); the Lord’s holy day (consecrated, sacred, set apart); not doing (desist, accomplish); whatever you please (your own way, road, distance); joy (delight, delicate); carry (ride, placed).

Application: The Lord is calling me to delight in and honor Him in turning away from what it is that brings me to delight, so I can thus find my delight in Him.  He’s drawing me to Him; to make His Holy Day glorious.

*I desire to be His messenger; his mighty warrior who obeys His voice; His servant who does what He wants.*
Psalm 103:20

*People will laugh at me.  They will live as they want to live and they will laugh at what I have to say.* 2 Peter 3:3

*BUT GOD* is being patient with me… calling me to live holy, serve Him, wait for and look forward to the day of His coming.  Strive to be without sin and without fault; be at peace with Him; be on guard so not to fall away from my faith; and grow in the grace and knowledge of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. * 2 Peter 3:9, 11, 14, 17-18

Prayer: Father, You see my heart… You see my timidity in this venture You have me on.  I think if I look within myself I am having a hard time believing that I can do what it is You’re calling me to do.  I’ve not worked on my training today and it took me until now to do my devotions with You.  You see me… I am not hidden from You and I’m so thankful that I’m not invisible to You, despite my feeling invisible sometimes, I am never invisible to You.  So instead of trusting and diving in, I hesitate and doubt myself – which ultimately reveals my doubt in You.  You know me better than I know myself so the doubt is so silly… but this Word from You today shows me that You see me and I can’t just pretend I’m good… and what You showed me about people laughing at me, that is so intimidating to me! You see right through me, Lord.  Thank You! They will laugh. There will be those mock me and will hear what I have to say and choose to reject it… and I hear You. It’s okay. You are with me and no matter what comes, You’re not calling me to anything but obedience, to strive to bless You and walk in peace with You, to stay on guard and to walk in line with what You want. Help me on this venture I’m on to grow in grace and knowledge. Be ever so near to me and make me more and more aware of Your presence. In Jesus’ name I pray, Father God. Amen.


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