Taught Wrong

My little sister and I were talking the other day and she said something that I’ve been thinking on as I’ve been cleaning today… She said that perhaps some people don’t know that it’s wrong for an older person to be with a younger person, because something happened to them.  Perhaps they too were coerced and manipulated into permitting, but they weren’t told that it was wrong or that the child is still not responsible in any way.  I have heard stories of people who think that way, who are oblivious to the atrocity of sexually violating young people because they lived in it and it was their normal… so perhaps that’s why some people don’t see the full devastation of what I experienced because they think it’s normal.

I hope everyone who had sexual things happen while they were young, that they know that no matter how good it felt, how much they believed it was okay, or if they welcomed it, that they were not responsible for what happened to them.  They were taught wrong.  If one was taught the sky was red when it’s in fact blue, and they grow up thinking it’s red, they aren’t stupid. No, they were taught wrong.  They need to unlearn these things and relearn TRUTH and when referring to sexual behaviors and desires, healthy association in its appropriate manner are what will help.  It might be harder for some, depending on the trauma, but it’s not impossible and still doesn’t have to define any of us. God is bigger than all of it!

I’m so thankful I was told so I don’t have to live with that dirty shame I should never have had on me, and so I don’t pass along the same fate to my children due to lack of understanding.  I’m so thankful that I can share that truth with others so it doesn’t have to continue to be an unavoidable experience.  Help end the cycle of abuse and teach others that it’s wrong.  Sexual interaction should never happen between a child and an adult. Ever.


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