I Desired More

This is so true for me… when I chose to address the things I had to work through from my abuse, it wasn’t because I wasn’t coping well with life. I was enjoying my life, busy and content with 5 children at the time and then enjoying the pregnancy of my 6th. I had overcome amazing obstacles within my marriage and my friendship with my husband had grown immensely, and I’d discovered some challenges through self-examination in my walk with Jesus that He worked with me through. I had become surrounded by amazing women whose friendships I’m so grateful for, and in most areas of my life I wasn’t overwhelmed…
So when I felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to go further, I chose to go deeper, and address those wounds because I desired more of God, even better of myself, a new level of improvement in my life. I wanted to be challenged like never before and I was… and I discovered some amazing truths over my life in the midst of all that pain and heartache I had to face. The biggest being that I matter… not because of anything I’ve done, but because of the value the Creator established in me at the beginning of time. I matter and I finally believed it and declared it to myself and felt the importance of others knowing their own value – so I shouted it loud enough for others to hear and know it too.
We are precious to our Father in Heaven… and so I continue to dig deep within myself to improve and be a better person in every aspect of my life, and in each of my relationships. I make mistakes and I learn new things every single day, and thank God that He’s right there with me the whole way, guiding me and caring for me, keeping me on the right path and bringing me back when I veer too far. ❤
I’m thrilled to be in this current season in my life… I’m still in this walk, and some days it can be so so hard, but when you know your value and you know what His desire is for your life, you also know it will all work out and you will make it through – you need only endure and push through. God is so faithful!!

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