What You’d Have Me Accomplish

Scriptures: ·Give yourselves to the service of [L Circumcise yourself to] the Lord [C a metaphor for obedience]and ·decide to obey him [L remove the foreskin of your heart;9:25Deut. 10:16] Jeremiah 4:4a

·The way you have lived and acted [L Your path/way and your deeds] has brought this trouble to you.”  Jeremiah 4:18a

Observation: I had a lot on my mind yesterday, as I was preparing to leave and I was thinking of all I had to do and how hard it was to do it all. I was intentional about squeezing in my reading, but didn’t journal. However, I noted the Lord telling me that my days of busy are that way because it’s what I’ve chosen to do. I didn’t feel coddled by the Lord, but I also didn’t feel condemned… He just spoke to me realistically: my unstructured days have in large part, created a lot of the struggles that we deal with on a daily basis.

Application: I need to give myself over to the service of the Lord and discipline myself to be more obedient in my every day tasks. Obeying Him with small things are just as important as the big things… and I need to remember Matthew 11:30, which says that His yoke, the burden He asks me to accept, is easy (serviceable, good, useful); and the load He has given me to carry is light (manageable and bearable). If it’s useless or overwhelming, it’s because I’ve added to the burdens that which I shouldn’t have, and as such, I’ve been disobedient.

Prayer: Thank You, Lord, for Your loving correction, full of grace. I often beat myself down for not doing things right around here, but You don’t make me feel that way at all and You’ve surrounded me with friends who encourage me like You do. I’m so thankful for Your leading and guidance.  Help me to do all You’d have me accomplish today… and *only* what You’d have me accomplish for this day. Help me to know what that is and when I need to rest. Help me to know how best to utilize the time I have. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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