The Lord is Transforming Me

Today was a huge success!! After having quite the mental breakdown yesterday and calling my husband, he helped me come up with some ideas of what to address next in getting things in order… so I got to bed at a decent time with plans of getting up earlier in the morning. I was planning to get up at 6am, but Craeghar fussed at 4am and woke me up, so I decided to get up since I was awake. I started the day with some reading, some solitaire, my devotions, and checked my Facebook. Then I got up, did some kitchen clean up because I didn’t want to be in there unless it was cleaner…… LOL
I made breakfast and Chris’s lunch, and finished just in time for Craeghar to wake up and for me to wake up the kids. We all ate and saw Daddy off to work. Because it was still before 8am, I didn’t feel rushed to get the kitchen cleaned right up so I had the kids all wash up and get dressed for the day, then gave the girls an option of what job they’d like to have. Katlyn chose the kitchen, gladly, because she didn’t want to do the bathroom haha and she did a really great job.
Christopher and Kathryn tidied up the bedroom and then they all got to play for a bit. Craeghar went down for a nap, and I napped too, for about an hour or so, and when I woke up the kids were playing board games together at the table. ♥♥♥
We had lunch and gave them the option again for a clean up job and they all got to work, and then played some more once they were finished. I was starting to experience some anxiety so I laid back down and things started to go a little south at that point, but I communicated with the kids that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and needed their help with supper. Katlyn made supper and all the kids chipped in to get the kitchen clean and the bathroom spotless. I rewarded them all with some brownies and then readied them for bed. 🙂
I kissed them all goodnight and laid down with Craeghar around 7:30. I sent Karyn to bed (who was helping to prepare Daddy’s supper while I did bedtime) and walked through the house to do a quick tidy. By 8pm, I was sitting in the dimly lit living room and enjoying the quiet. Chris got home at almost 9, I got him supper and chatted with him for a bit and now I’m in bed, enjoying a little more down time before I go to sleep and start again. 
It really makes a difference with how you start your day… it probably also helped that Monday I had prayer time with some wonderful ladies, then Wednesday I got to see some great friends all day, that I had a good cry yesterday with my husband, and a little rant/vent time with my sweet friend last night… but most importantly that I’ve had time with the Lord each and every day this week as I’ve set it aside and made it the most important part of my day.
Things aren’t perfect, but I can see how applying the things I’m learning in my training course to my own life and in my own walk with the Lord, even though they may be baby steps, is how the Lord is transforming me. ♥

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