My Strivings in Being a Fruitful Vine

Hey friends! As I began processing through my sexual abuse a few years ago, this blog and my facebook page temporarily became a landing drop for the struggles I was having and information I was discovering along the way to overcome what I had been oppressed by for so long. God’s grace helped me through all of that and while I’m still working on things and still deal with anxiety and PTSD, I’m experiencing new victories every day and experiencing healing in different areas the more I allow myself to work through things.

I hope this blog and my page has been a place to find encouragement despite what hardships we face and I hope that it will continue to be so as I venture into other areas of my life! You see, I’m about to embark on a new journey – homesteading! My husband and I, with our seven children, are moving next month and will be building our home on an acre of property near my in-laws. We are thrilled to be taking this next step forward toward victorious living and this is what I created this blog for almost a decade ago now! To log my strivings in being a fruitful vine in my home!

I don’t know how much I’ll be posting, my goal is to do so regularly, but I hope that no matter what it appears to be, if anyone ever wants to reach out, please know I’m here and I’d love to hear from you! You can email me anytime as I check it daily/weekly. I’m never too busy to be there for others. Ever! It’s an honor to hear from you about what you’re working through and the Words you receive from the Lord as you experience your own victories in life! You are so wonderful and I’m so very grateful for all your support through these last few years!
God bless you! You’ll be hearing from me soon! 🙂

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