About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Kristi L. Whitten-Drummond, and I’m the author of this blog and the book entitled, “But It Does Matter… (Revised Edition) My Journey of Healing From Child Sexual Assault.”  I’m a wife of 15 years; a stay-at-home and homeschooling mother of our 7 beautiful children (ages dd13, dd11, ds9, dd6, dd4, ds2, and ds4mo), and a Licensed Independent Minister currently pursuing efforts in helping sexual and emotional abuse victims. I’ve poured my life into raising my family and thus have invested my time and effort into educating myself in guiding my children to be healthy, strong, and compassionate individuals; in understanding God’s Word; in having a healthy and loving marriage; in physical health and self care; in care and safety through pregnancy and birth (read about Our Freebirthing Journey, if you like); in understanding the affects of sexual assault and what the markings of a predator are; in my own emotional health and strength overall but also pertaining to the abuse I’ve personally endured; as well as in my passion to help women, especially through the trauma of sexual assault, who need to hear of their true value and worth.

I love learning from and ministering to women in our pursuit of Christ; and I love helping families in being confident, safe, and healthy in their birthing journey’s, but most of all I love finding ways to bring me closer to the Lord, to my husband, and to my children. I hope you enjoy reading my blog – aka my random thoughts and snippets from our life, research and study commentary, as well as devotions and things that move me. 🙂