Where Did God Start?

DS (7o): “Where did God start?”
DD#1 (11yo): “God didn’t start and He has no finish. He’s infinite.”
DS: “But when we die, we’ll be with him.”
DD#1: “Yes, but we started so we’re not infinite.”
DS: “Oh that makes sense.”

Lunch-time table talk. ♥

Get it?

DS and DD#1 relaying a conversation they had:

DS: “Then I said, ‘I literally scared her to death!'”
DD#1: “And I’m like, ‘no, because if you scared her to death, she’d be DEAD!'”

::they laugh and laugh::

DD#1: “Get it? She’d be dead?!”



DS: “I’m faster than you, Daddy! You can’t get me!! Nanna nanna!”

Daddy, talking to DD#3: “Your brother thinks he’s really fast.”

DD#3: “Yea!”

I stand up, glance at Daddy, and walk up to DS to hug him. We hug and Daddy jumps up and snatches him up and tickles him and rough houses with him.

DS, through laughter and screams: “TRAITOR!!! TRAITORRRR!!!”

Daddy stops and walks back – we high five.

I love my family. 😀 😀 😀

“The Baby is STRONGER!”

I felt the baby moving around so I asked DS (7yo) if he wanted to feel and he excitedly flew to my side and put his freezing cold hands on my belly. lol As he laid his hand there, the baby slid it’s knee across and DS got big eyes and open mouth and gasped. Then he yelled across the house saying, “You guys! The baby is getting STRONGER! I could feel it pushing against my hand! You guys!! The baby is STRONGER!!!” To which they all came running and kept exclaiming how strong the baby was and DD#3 (4yo) said in her high pitched baby talking voice, “You so strong bay-beeeeeeee!!” Gosh! I forgot how much more fun it is to have a baby with older kids to watch the process! They can’t wait to meet this little one! Love it love it!! ♥

“Now I’m Dancing With It”

DS (7yo) and DD#3 (4yo) playing:

DS: ::falls on the ground:: “AHhhhhh! A snake has me! Help!” ::flails and acts like he’s fighting off a snake::

DD#3: ::takes the snake gently by hand and pulls it close to her:: “I pulled it off and now I’m dancing with it!” ::waltzes with it::

DS: ::stares at her for a second… grabs the snake and starts flailing around:: “Then I grab it and pull out it’s spine and guts!!! Then we EAT it! AHAHAHAHAHA!”

DD#3: ::watches him and laughs and then continues to waltz without the snake::

hahahhaha ♥ Wowww….