Can You Just Stay Four Forever?

Oh my goodness… this girl… I hear DD#3 (4yo) making grunting, fussing noises and I go to see what she’s doing and she’s dragging the bottom half of her body out to the living room. She sees me and starts wailing. I asked her what happened and she said that DS “hoyted” her leg on accident and now it “hoyts vawy baaaad.” ♥ Can you just stay 4, forever? You’re so adorable!

“The Baby is STRONGER!”

I felt the baby moving around so I asked DS (7yo) if he wanted to feel and he excitedly flew to my side and put his freezing cold hands on my belly. lol As he laid his hand there, the baby slid it’s knee across and DS got big eyes and open mouth and gasped. Then he yelled across the house saying, “You guys! The baby is getting STRONGER! I could feel it pushing against my hand! You guys!! The baby is STRONGER!!!” To which they all came running and kept exclaiming how strong the baby was and DD#3 (4yo) said in her high pitched baby talking voice, “You so strong bay-beeeeeeee!!” Gosh! I forgot how much more fun it is to have a baby with older kids to watch the process! They can’t wait to meet this little one! Love it love it!! ♥

Old Snippets…

  • Kathryn (3): “I just want to pet her.”
    Me: “Hunny, I know but she’s not a cat, she’s a person. She doesn’t want you to pet her like a cat.”
    Kathryn: “Yea, Ninja is a caht.”
    Me: “Yep. You can pet Ninja instead.”
    Kathryn: “But I want to pet Kimber, she’s a sweet baybeee.”
  • I scooped up Kathryn (3) to hug her because her attitude was sour and she says, “Please stop, my ears are blinking.” She was referring to her ears folding over! haha
  • Katlyn (10yo) and Karyn(8yo) simultaneously: “That’s his dad.” “Jinx!” “Jinx!” “Jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin-jin–” *GASP* Katlyn: “JINX! GAAAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! I WIN!” LOL!!!!!! That was HILARIOUS to watch. 😛
  • At my sisters house watching our littles:
    My niece Mira (6yo): My daddy’s a big dad.
    My Kathryn (3yo): My daddy is a bigger dad than your dad.
    Kathryn, Mira, Sarai (4yo), Micah (3yo): *chorus of no’s and my daddy’s bigger than your dad* Me: Whoa whoa! Both your daddy’s are big daddy’s and are just the perfect daddy for each of your families. Your daddy is a big daddy and your daddy is a big daddy too.
    Kathryn: Ohhh!
    Mira: My dad makes good food.
    Kathryn: My dad makes good food too.
    Mira: You have a kitchen?! Kathryn: Yea. At my house.
    Mira: Oh!
  • Kathryn (3) wanted a hug:
    ::I hug her head::
    Kathryn: ::laughing:: Nooo not like thaaaat!
    ::I hug her upside down::
    Kathryn: ::laughing:: Nooo not like dat eeederr!
    ::I hug her arms::
    Kathryn: ::very serious:: That’s not a hug! DIS is a hug! ::she wraps her arms snugly around my neck::
    Me: Ohhh I see! ::I don’t let go::
    Kathryn: I’m alllll duuhhhhnnn!!!
    Me: What?
    Kathryn: I want to sit on the couch!
    ::still hugging her, I put her on the couch next to me::
    Kathryn: Not dat couch! I want to sit on the couch next to Christopherrr!
    Me: ::still hugging her:: Christopher isn’t on the couch.
    ::she begins to nudge me off::
    Me: ::ooey gooey:: I love your hugs.
    ::she pauses to smile:: Kathryn: Me too. Now get offa me.
  • Karyn (8½): Mama, are they called rice quakes or rice cakes?
  • Exchange between Kathryn (3) and I while hugging and smiling at each other:
    Me: I love you!
    Kathryn: I love you too!
    Me: I love you sooooo much!
    Kathryn: I love *you* so much too!!
    Me: I love you more than allllll the stars in the universe!
    Kathryn: {nods casually} Me too.
    Me: I love you more than *all* the stores in the whoooole world!
    Kathryn: {smiles} Me too.
    Me: I love you more than *all* the other Kathryn’s in the woooorld!
    Kathryn: Yea… because they have peach skin… I mean lellow skin… and green teeth… and orange eyes….. {whispers} and purple foots!
    LOL This kid… never grow up, pleeeeease!!!!
  • Kathryn (3) singing: “A, B, Ceee, Deee! Eee Efff Geee…. *pause* Mama called the doctor and the doctor saaaaid: NO MORE MONKEY’S JUMPING ON DA BED…. *pause* Eh, Beh, Seh, Deh, Eh, Ef, GEH… elemen O peh! … *pause* Five more monkey’s jumping on da bed! Q-R-S, T-U-B! Debbleyew S, Y-Nnnn-Zeeeeeee!!!”
  • Kathryn (3) was chasing Kimlyn (1) across the living room so I spoke firmly for her to stop chasing Kimlyn. She stopped running and began walking. To be more clear, I said to turn around. She turned around and kept going backwards toward Kimlyn. 😛