Unassisted Twin Birth Story

Twin newborns“Knowing comes from the place within us that is connected to our source.” From A Still, Small Voice by Echo L. Bodine

A month before the due date of my second pregnancy, I had a dream that there were two little girls with pigtails in their hair joining our family. When I told my husband about my dream, he joked, “there had better be only one baby in there. We only have one more bedroom!”

We were planning a homebirth for this pregnancy. Our son had been born at home without complications. In fact, his birth had gone so quickly, that we had barely enough time to fill the birth tub before he emerged. This time, my husband planned to fill the birth tub right away at the start of contractions.

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“Bathtub Babies” A Freebirth With Twins Story

Baby kicking in pregnant bellyby – Marie Nelson

My birth story is about an unassisted (or assisted by my husband) freebirth / homebirth of unexpected twins!!  I say unexpected because my husband and I feel that the benefit of ultrasounds do not outweigh the possible harm so we didn’t have any done for this pregnancy. I finally found a midwife at my 7th month of pregnancy and I wouldn’t let her use the Doppler fetal heart monitors (also ultrasound).  I insisted she use a fetoscope instead.

So, on with the story:

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