An Awesome Journey

I’m on a journey, of obedience and grace,
Where God is leading me to a brand new place.
I look to Him to know where to go,
From the pages His Words, they flow!

I feel a peace I’ve never known,
And contemplate the ways I’ve outgrown.
I hear God speaking clear as day,
As I walk His Way.

Lord I lift my hands to You,
Knowing that You’re faithful and true.
You’ve brought me in under Your wing,
My God, my friend, my awesome King.

I’ve not yet come to where You’re taking me
But You’ve assured me that with me, there You’ll be.
And You continue to encourage and uplift
As I make my way to possess Your gift.

Heeding Your instruction is what You require
And equates reaching a hand out to be freed from the mire
So I do so today; and follow hard after You
As I enjoy the journey of where You’re bringing me to.

Created For Greatness

Experiencing hope, leaving a life that was wild,
Loving God, and BEing His child;

Experiencing peace, submitting to a new life,
Loving my husband, and BEing his wife;

Experiencing joy, bearing and nurturing the life of another,
Loving my children, and BEing their mother…

Experiencing love, love from God and family,
A love like never before, as such I’m able to BE.

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God;
and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.”

1 John 4:7


By Chris Whitten

Verse 1 –
I live a life I wasn’t meant for.
Driving down roads I know by name.
Wonder where it’s gonna get me.
How much am I to blame?

It’s hard to think about a someday.
When my mind it will be free.
From the ropes and chains that blind me.
From the one who lets me see.

All this noise is just confusion.
Busy-ness to sate my thirst.
All of it is a distraction.
From the day we leave this Earth…

Chorus 1 –
You don’t know me, like I don’t know me, but I know the one who does.
All the time He’s wasted on me. All the gifts He’s placed within me. I can’t begin to earn His love.

Verse 2 –
Maybe that’s the point now.
Yeah, that’s why we’re here.
I gotta look outside myself.
Gotta learn to own my fear.

I’ll stare across the ocean.
Of all my doubt.
Troubled seas surround me.
To the north, east, west and south.

If I only look within me.
At the hurt that I breed.
I can’t love like I should.
My heart can’t be free.

Gotta figure out a plan here.
My time could be next.
Learn to appreciate by
what I’ve been blessed.

Chorus 2/Outro –
So I have a question. Is this how you feel destined? Like me: in fear, in pain, alone?
Grab my hand I’ll take you with me. It’ll be a long hard journey. But we’ll find our way back home.


I have spurts of poetry
Come out and then it’s gone
I contemplate the creativity
Versus mixture of emotions going on.

I think about it in my mind,
Trying to recall what it was like
Emotions that started out intertwined
Have decreased in that of passion and dislike

I am glad I wrote it down
To refer to at a later time
To help me ponder Gods works renown
His works so sublime!

What a Beautiful Reminder!

I listen to the lyrics as they pronounce,
“It’s a new season, it’s a new day!”
Also to the message inside,
“A fresh anointing, is coming my way!”

What a powerful message,
This song sings to me
A reminder of new beginnings
A reminder that I’m free!

I live my life to please my God,
I delight in His law
I stand on the promises He’s made to me
And in His glory I stand in awe.

He gave His son to rescue me
From eternal separation
Jesus Christ came to earth
To die for my salvation!

The lyrics they continue…
“It’s a season of power and prosperity.”
Oh the victory that’s coming!
“It’s a new season coming to me.”

Thank You Lord for bringing me
To this place of prosperity
Of power and freedom and new beginnings
Of understanding and clarity!

I’m not here to save anyone; I’m only here to love.

The world is full of hurting and lonely people,
Lost and trying to find their way
While I take a look at my own life
I realize there’s only one thing to say

I’m not here to save anyone; I’m only here to love.

I’m so thankful for the love God has shown me,
For the people I’ve met in my life
For my husband, children, family, and friends
To laugh and love with; to deal with any strife

I see the hearts of the multitudes
Who long for something more
It’s love: truth, compassion, forgiveness, faith
Truly, it’s the only thing they’re reaching for

God has given us life in such a love as this
And so I extend it out to share with you
Full of grace, mercy, and passion
And a love that is true.

Take it or leave it, He offers it still
But no matter what you choose
Whether you live for Him or not
I’m gonna love you despite your views.

I was fearfully and wonderfully made,
With a design that’s called to love
Each day is full of special blessings
For these, “Thank You Lord, thereof!”

It’s not my job to convert you,
Only you can choose His gift from above
It’s something you have to want, to receive it
God desires to save everyone; He brought me here to love.

His yoke is easy and His burden, light.

I awoke to the sun’s array,
“What a light burden.” I say.
I look at how far He’s brought me
I’m not yet who I’m going to be…
I remind myself, someday.

My burden was hard to carry
Not light; on the contrary,
The heavy load was just too much
Than my hands were made to clutch
But now my heart is merry.

I awoke to the sun’s array,
“What a light burden.” I say.
Now when I think of where I’m going
I remind myself that I’m still growing
I tell myself, work on this day.

I was weary, He’s given me rest
I no longer feel so stressed
My hope is renewed, my heart full of joy
I can’t focus on how I might annoy
Instead I learn by what I’ve been blessed

I awoke to the sun’s array,
“What a light burden.” I say.
How can they understand,
Of this freedom in which I stand?
I ponder, maybe one day.