The Rush of Parenting: A Rollercoaster Ride

Parenting is such an interesting journey… it’s new and different with each child and it is constantly changing… because as parents and children, we’re people who are constantly growing and changing. This journey of motherhood, as described by a dear friend of mine, has been like a roller coaster. It has moments of pause where we’re actually slowly ascending up to the top before plummeting down the first hill, taking sharp curves, and sometimes even going upside down… then the pause and we go through it again… expected and yet no way to stop the rush you feel as you experience it.

Yes. A roller coaster! That’s what parenting has been like for me. lol

My oldest daughter just recently started puberty. It’s been an exciting and beautiful journey to be her mom as well as trying and challenging as I learn to be a good mom to meet her needs. She’s my first, so I am learning a lot as we go. I’ve never had a tween before and I had no idea that it was during this age that many girls begin to deal with the woes of hormonal changes and finding out who they are. I thought this would come later… but here we are.

We’ve been going pretty fast through it lately, feeling the rush of stress and emotion as we try to figure each other out – while I try to share a home with a fellow hormonal female. I’m so thankful for women who’ve been there before me and their wisdom to share. I got some great ideas today in ways to help her. Making sure she’s getting nutrients she needs to keep her hormones balanced, staying hydrated, sharing a moment together over some chocolate when the stresses begin to rise, and some time to experience the quiet alone and of course time alone with the Lord.

Coming off a major curve, I’m looking forward to seeing us work through this new moment of pause and see some growth in us both and in our relationship as we bond closer together in friendship during this challenging time. I pray I be the mother and friend she needs me to be; that she can count on and turn to. I’m imperfect and have no clue what I’m doing on some days, but man, did God do such an amazing work when He created this person that He forever changed my life with.

My sweet 11yo daughter… I’m so honored to be living this life with you. ♥

So really…

I go to check on DD#1’s room that she’s been working to clean:
Me: “Alright, you can go outside for a while and when you come back in, I want you to focus on it completely. I don’t want you to slack just because you aren’t getting a reward.”
DD#1: “What do you mean? Focus on it. I focused on it this time, right?”
Me: “Yes, I mean, I want you to focus on it just as well without the reward of getting a break to go play outside.”
DD#1: “Ahh! Well, there’s always ONE reward when I do something you ask me to do, and that’s making you happy that I did it.”
Me: “Yes hunny, that definitely makes me happy.”
DD#1: :: stands halfway out the door:: “So really, every time you ask me to do something, doing it is worth it.” ::slips out the door::

Note: Just to clarify… her room looks like a storm has gone through it because I’m not forcing her to clean her room like a drill sergeant….

dot dot dot


I hear our 2yo shrieking in the room so I call her out to me:

Me: “Why are you yelling, little girl?”
DD#4: “Mama… goteego goteego!” ::waves tail of puppy leash she’s wearing::
Me: “They were pulling it and not letting go?”
DD#4: “Uh huh!”
Me: “Aha, okay, tell them, ‘let go, please!’ and don’t yell, okay?”
DD#4: “Taaay!”
Me: “Say it, I want to hear you say, ‘let go, please!'”
DD#4: “Goteego, pweeeeeese.”

Loooooove her!!! ♥

Where Did God Start?

DS (7o): “Where did God start?”
DD#1 (11yo): “God didn’t start and He has no finish. He’s infinite.”
DS: “But when we die, we’ll be with him.”
DD#1: “Yes, but we started so we’re not infinite.”
DS: “Oh that makes sense.”

Lunch-time table talk. ♥

It’s In the Details

DD#1 (11yo): “What are you making?”
Me: “I told Daddy I’d make him bacon and eggs for supper.”
DD#1: “Oooh! Can I help make it! You mentioned last time I could help put the bacon on the cookie sheet the next time you make it.”
Me: “Hmm… sure, just finish what you’re doing quick so that the dishes aren’t falling all over the place.” (she was working on dishes and had clean dishes piled up high.

♥ And I’m reminded that it doesn’t take a lot to show our kids they are important. It’s in the details, folks, it’s in the details. 😉 She also asked to make DH’s eggs and was so proud of herself that she made her first omelet and said: “I can make bacon AND omelets!!! My future husband is going to LOVE me!!” hahahahhaa Love this girl!