Interference and Static

While lying in bed, thoughts began to swarm in my mind. I didn’t want to think about that. I didn’t want to be overtaken by the emotions such thoughts brought on. I prayed to God to shut off the thoughts and to fill my mind with the stillness of His presence. In that moment, there was static and white noise as I closed my eyes. I knew He had allowed interference to the spiritual realm and I slept peacefully through the night. No dreams, only a peaceful sleep!


God’s Glory

Oh how the Lord leaves me astounded… I love that He knows all… and if I don’t know which way to turn, all I need to remember is to be still and wait on Him… because He will tell me where to go and when to step. He’s faithful and true. He hasn’t forgotten me or left me… He’s at work making things new. Thank You, Jesus!!!

I Love My God

I love when the Lord talks to me; He’s so personal and real with me when I fall, without ever making me feel shame. I love that God knows my heart and that He’s gentle to care for it. I love how He heals and restores all things. I love that He not only shows me what I shouldn’t do, He shows me what to do instead. I love that I am never left guessing but only given opportunities to trust until He reveals His plan to me. I love that He is trustworthy and faithful and I can be confident in Him to show up. I love that my God knows me and my desires and that it’s not because of anything I’ve done or haven’t done. I love the character of my God; the true love of my life that has allowed me to be blessed with so much in my life. I love that He’s blessed me for trusting and even when I haven’t. Yep. I’m pretty blessed to have an awesome God… but even more; I love Him for just being Him… even if I got nothing in return… because He is so worthy of my love and devotion… but I’m learning, that even though He’s worth sacrificing all things and everything, I don’t have to; I don’t have to be a martyr to the gifts He wants to lavish on me – because He’s going to bless me anyway. I love my God.

Dwelling in His Presence…

“Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!” Psalm 95:2 “And let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving, and tell of his deeds in songs of joy!” Psalm 107:22

I sing for You because You are worthy, Lord… I sing and strive to live my life to honor of You. On top of being honorable for such praise and sacrifice, what You’ve given me (freedom from sin and bondage, and a newness in joy and victory is beyond repayment. So I embrace it and dwell there. On top of the sacrifice, despite it being purely for Your honor, I know even still, that You’ll bless me; because it’s just who You are. You long to lavish Your love on me! Me… not just those around me – but ME. You long for closeness with me… because you LOVE ME! Wow. I choose You, I choose joy, I choose life!

I’ve been meditating on the Word today… and having had a visit with my (earthly) dad I was able to chew on some things that have been on my heart… and I’m just in such awe of God’s grace. I am humbled at how much He loves me despite how imperfect I am. He is really helping me work on the plank in my eye… with such grace during the process! Who knew I could see the stupid things I do and the horrible ways I think and the words that I speak and not feel such an overwhelming shame. God is so merciful and gracious. He doesn’t want us to live in shame. Sin brings shame and righteousness brings joy and though He wants us to be sinless, He loves us anyway and in such a way that He still allows opportunities to grow and experience His joy – unexplainable and incomprehensible joy.

I think of how much I love my kids… even as they are learning ways of communicating, respect, and staying safe… I love them with everything I have despite their imperfections – and I’m an imperfect parent!!! Imagine… a perfect parent, loving a child… wow! And that is how much God loves me… and wants to have a beautiful loving relationship with me… not to just do what He says, not to just say the right words, not to just know the things I need to know… but so He and I can WALK together, TALK together, LIVE together, and ENJOY each other. Intimately and intensely! Oh how I love my God!! What has God shown you, today? What’s a scripture He’s laid on your heart? Had any personal revelations? Let’s use this social networking site as an opportunity to share our testimonies and bring praise to the Lord with our relationships and our words.

“Righteous lips are the delight of a king, and he loves him who speaks what is right.” Proverbs 16:13

The Blossoms That Come Just Before the Fruit

Back in December I prayed: “Lord, I pray, since I am looking forward to seeing You, that You would rid me of my impatience, purify me of my blemishes, help me in my temptation, and remove any discontent from my heart and replace it with your amazing peace. Bring understanding and reveal to me the things that which I must guard against. May I grow in Your grace and in Your knowledge and may all of it bring glory to You. In Jesus’ name! Amen.”

I can see how He has moved in my life since then and how much peace surrounds me even in times of trouble – I’m so thankful for the God I serve. If you are struggling, pray this prayer too… allow God to prune you as a fruit tree. He is a faithful and trustworthy Gardener with an amazing green thumb if we allow ourselves to be rooted in His Word. Don’t stop at the blossoms though… FRUIT is coming!!!