The Start of the School Year

Well, the kids had expressed interest in year-round homeschooling (days off and vacations through out the year instead of chunks in the summer and such), but it just didn’t work out for us this year. Maybe next year! Then we planned to have the start of the school year begin in early August, but I was struggling! I had to attack our schedules and get my health in order, so I attacked my coffee drinking first as well as getting Craeghar’s nap time sorted so I could get more sleep at night.

I am finally starting to feel a bit more energized, despite no coffee, but I still have some organizing to do. School is ready to start once our junk is not stealing our time! lol So I’m packing all things we own that we don’t use, don’t need, and don’t love. Then next spring, I’ll go through and decide what of it all we want to keep or want to get rid of. This will save us the time of organizing and the time of having to continue to clean it! So I’m very thankful for a shed that we can store things in.

So we’ll be starting school on Tuesday, August 29th. We have some workbooks for Language Arts and Math; we’ll be using All-in-One Homeschooling Curriculum for Geography, Zoology, and Health/PE; we’ll be part of a Homeschool Co-op for Library Skills, Maine Studies, and Fine Arts; and I’m trying out a new curriculum that will get us through all the books of the Bible in a year. I’m really excited. My kids love school and can’t wait for it to start, and I can’t wait for them to start either because their excitement for learning gives me so much joy. I’m so proud of them!

This year Katlyn is in 8th grade, Karyn is in 6th grade, and Christopher is in 4th grade.  Kathryn isn’t registered but is working through Kindergarten and 1st grade, and Kimberlyn is working through Pre-Kindergarten. So exciting! I’ll probably be blogging a bit more about it once we start since it will be what fills our days very soon.

Also something I have to plan around, is halfway through the year, we’ll have a new little Whitten to be mindful of! So amazing… a new little baby!!! So please keep us in your prayers as we dive into this new season and new adventure! God is so good. ♥


I Will Push On

Scripture: “Sometimes I say to myself, ‘I will ·forget about the Lord [L not remember him]I will not speak anymore in his name.’ But then his message becomes like a burning fire ·inside me [L in my heart]·deep within [L shut in] my bones.  I get tired of trying to hold it inside of me, and finally, I cannot hold it in.”  Jeremiah 20:9

Observation: Even when we want to give up and walk away, God won’t let us do so without calling us back to Him. Once we know the Lord, feeling weary or doubt to may come but to reject Him and disobey is always a decision.

Application: During a very dark season in my life, feeling empty, alone, and worthless, I would say similar words to Jeremiah, ‘I’ll just leave – leave my husband, my kids, the church… and stop standing up for what is right. It’s so hard and I’m so tired of doing the right thing, I just want to do what I want to do,’ and just like this passage says, I heard the Lord speak to me, ‘I am faithful, even when you are not.’ He proceeded to warn me to turn back, to stop the way I was going… but I was deceived into believing I was crazy; deceived into believing I might become a paranoid schizophrenic due to the diagnosis my mother never actually received despite what I was told by my sister J.

However, He didn’t leave me in my confusion. He continued to pursue me and I had to make an active choice to reject Him and disobey. I believed I was paranoid and didn’t listen to His warning. As a result, I faced the heartache and despair that comes from such a decision. Just like Eve, I had been deceived and tasted the fruit, giving me a new understanding of evil. I could not walk away from Him, from what was right, from my family. I was more weary outside of His presence and His will for my life, with these beautiful people by my side, than I had ever known. I’d rather find joy in doing good, than know such despair like that again. So I won’t contain what He’s shown me. I’ll speak. I’ll reveal His glory. I might grow tired, but I will push on. It is worth it.

Prayer: Father God, that time in my life was so painful and so confusing. I never want to be that far from You again. I will walk this path that can be challenging in so many different ways, but that is always good, useful, manageable, and bearable. Continue to help me through it, growing despite the weakness of my flesh. When I want to sleep instead of work, give me supernatural rest; when I want to hide instead of face the day, give me boldness and courage; when I want to give in to the pressures around me, give me strength. Continue to use me Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

The Lord is Transforming Me

Today was a huge success!! After having quite the mental breakdown yesterday and calling my husband, he helped me come up with some ideas of what to address next in getting things in order… so I got to bed at a decent time with plans of getting up earlier in the morning. I was planning to get up at 6am, but Craeghar fussed at 4am and woke me up, so I decided to get up since I was awake. I started the day with some reading, some solitaire, my devotions, and checked my Facebook. Then I got up, did some kitchen clean up because I didn’t want to be in there unless it was cleaner…… LOL
I made breakfast and Chris’s lunch, and finished just in time for Craeghar to wake up and for me to wake up the kids. We all ate and saw Daddy off to work. Because it was still before 8am, I didn’t feel rushed to get the kitchen cleaned right up so I had the kids all wash up and get dressed for the day, then gave the girls an option of what job they’d like to have. Katlyn chose the kitchen, gladly, because she didn’t want to do the bathroom haha and she did a really great job.
Christopher and Kathryn tidied up the bedroom and then they all got to play for a bit. Craeghar went down for a nap, and I napped too, for about an hour or so, and when I woke up the kids were playing board games together at the table. ♥♥♥
We had lunch and gave them the option again for a clean up job and they all got to work, and then played some more once they were finished. I was starting to experience some anxiety so I laid back down and things started to go a little south at that point, but I communicated with the kids that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and needed their help with supper. Katlyn made supper and all the kids chipped in to get the kitchen clean and the bathroom spotless. I rewarded them all with some brownies and then readied them for bed. 🙂
I kissed them all goodnight and laid down with Craeghar around 7:30. I sent Karyn to bed (who was helping to prepare Daddy’s supper while I did bedtime) and walked through the house to do a quick tidy. By 8pm, I was sitting in the dimly lit living room and enjoying the quiet. Chris got home at almost 9, I got him supper and chatted with him for a bit and now I’m in bed, enjoying a little more down time before I go to sleep and start again. 
It really makes a difference with how you start your day… it probably also helped that Monday I had prayer time with some wonderful ladies, then Wednesday I got to see some great friends all day, that I had a good cry yesterday with my husband, and a little rant/vent time with my sweet friend last night… but most importantly that I’ve had time with the Lord each and every day this week as I’ve set it aside and made it the most important part of my day.
Things aren’t perfect, but I can see how applying the things I’m learning in my training course to my own life and in my own walk with the Lord, even though they may be baby steps, is how the Lord is transforming me. ♥